Blending the Art and Science of Building
I have been a software engineer in the telecommunication industry since 1986.  
Upon completing a MBA in 1989, the combination of youthful exuberance, not
having enough money to buy a new home, and a father with much experience
rehabbing houses, led me to build my first home.  I built the house in the
Huntington Hills subdivision of Pickerington.  My wife and I lived in this home
for the next 7 years.  During this time span, our three children were born, which
eventually led to the need to upgrade to a larger home.  By all accounts, this
first home building project was a major success.  We were able to spend
several years in a wonderful community while building equity.  The house
continues to do well to this day.  According to public records, each of the
following owners have seen nice appreciation.  Unfortunately, my work
schedule and desire to spend time with my family prevented me from building
our second home.  However, a seed was planted and the desire to build more
homes was strong.   Looking back, I am quite happy that I did not pursue a
building career at that time.  My work as an engineer was exciting.  It allowed
me to travel the world and develop as a more well-rounded and compassionate
person.  Work hours were flexible which gave me the opportunity to be very
active with my children’s activities.  My favorite activities became coaching
soccer and softball.  To this day, I believe nothing beats a softball game on a
hot and dusty late July night.

Flash forward to 2004.  As my kids grew older, I was not needed as much.  They
no longer needed me to coach sports or to help with homework.  For the first
time in nearly 20 years, I felt bored and the building seed sown many years
before began to germinate.  Thus, I began to investigate creating a home
building company.  In 2004, the central Ohio housing market was very strong.  
This presented two problems for someone trying to start a new company.
  1. I could not find decent lots.  The people who had lots wanted to keep
    them so that they could build on them.  
  2. Even if I had a lot, I would have had a hard time getting good
    subcontractors.  The best ones were booked solid.

During this time I continued to study homebuilding techniques and trends while
formulating my business plan.  The cornerstone of this plan is to build
OutStanding homes that are efficient; both in terms of energy consumption and
resource consumption.  This is the reason all of my homes will be
Energy Star
rated (30% more energy efficient than comparable homes).  It is also why I
stress the concept of designing the home to fit your lifestyle.  For example, if
you do not plan to use a soaking tub, why put it in the house.  Do you need to
wash your dog?  Maybe a dog washing area is a better use of space.

Fortunately, the market started to soften towards the end of 2004 and good lots
and subcontractors became available.  I purchased my first lots in March of
2005 and started my inaugural home in April.

To summarize, my goal is to help the home-buying public realize the dream of
owning an
OutStanding home that has been customized to their lifestyle.  I
strive to make the realization of this dream a simple, educational, rewarding,
and fun experience.  I plan to achieve this goal in the following ways.
  • Dealing with customers in an ethical and honest manner.
  • Providing heart-felt advice to help with the difficult trade offs.
  • Producing a quality product using proven materials and techniques.  This
    is one reason all my homes are rated by an independent company to earn
    the Energy Star rating.
  • Providing superior support after the sale.

By the way, I am still employed as an engineer in the telecommunications
industry.  The reason I started O S Homes was for fun and a sense of
fulfillment.  Obviously, I do not plan to lose money, but large profits are not my
main objective.