Blending the Art and Science of Building
Our Process
As you read about our process, notice the use of the word "I".  This is one of
the benefits of working with a small custom builder.  You will work directly with
me (the owner).  There will be no sales associates, construction
superintendents, or service department staff in the process.  This eliminates
many areas for potential mis-communications.

  1. You and I will work with our Architect to design your home to
    accommodate your budget and lifestyle.
  2. During the design phase I will help you understand available "Green"
    building options.
  3. Once prints are available, I will introduce you to Wendi and Vicki of “Ugly
    Duckling Designs” (yes, that is an unusual name, but they do great
    work).  Wendi and Vicki will share all their design tricks to help you
    choose your interior and exterior colors and finishes.
  4. While you are working with the designers, I will get zoning and  building
    permits. This process takes approximately 2 to 5 weeks.
  5. Once I have the permits, a surveyor will stake the lot to locate the
    proper position of the home on the lot.
  6. Before the hole is dug, you and I should meet to ensure you are
    comfortable with the layout.

  1. The foundation will be installed.
  2. The house will be framed.  The windows and doors are installed at this
  3. The HVAC and plumbing will be roughed in.
  4. You and I will walk the house with the electrician to pick the location of
    lights, switches, phone jacks, cable TV outlets, etc.
  5. Once the electrical rough-in is complete, you and I will walk through the
    home to ensure you are happy with the locations of outlets, switches,
    lights, cable drops, vents, etc.
  6. The exterior trim and siding/stone/brick will be installed.
  7. The insulation and drywall will be installed.
  8. The interior trim and cabinets will be installed.
  9. The interior trim will be finished.
  10. The yard will be graded.  Landscaping and grass will be installed.
  11. The interior flooring will be installed.
  12. The walls will be painted.
  13. The mechanicals will be finished.
  14. Finally, the carpet will be installed.

Pre-Closing Walk-Through
    You and I will walk through your new home. At this point I will answer any
    questions that you may have and create a punch list of any needed
    corrections. All punch list items will be documented on a Pre-Closing
    Walk Through Report, and resolved within a few days. Upon completion
    of the punch list items, a second walk through will be scheduled to
    confirm that all items were addressed.

    At closing you will receive the following.

  1. Manufacturer warranty information for the products used in your new
  2. O S Homes proudly participates in the Building Industry Association's
    warranty program. All customers are given a copy of this warranty, along
    with a homeowner's manual explaining what to expect from a new home
    and how to properly maintain that new home.
  3. The keys to your new home!