Blending the Art and Science of Building
I believe attention must be paid to both artistic and scientific elements when
building a home.  The artistic elements are the things that make a house a
home. The scientific elements are all the systems of the home that must work
together to provide an efficient and safe environment.  My team excels at
blending these elements to produce
OutStanding Homes.  

The artistic elements are evident in the final product and are easy for the
consumer to evaluate.  The scientific aspects are much harder to quantify.  
That is why all O S Homes come with an  
Energy Star  (30% more energy
efficient than comparable homes) rating from an independent rater.  In
addition, we offer "green" certification by an independent rate.

I am currently the chairman of the Central Ohio Green Building Initiative
(COGBI).  COGBI is a group of industry experts that has defined the green
building guidelines for central Ohio.  O S Homes'
 2008 Parade of Homes
house was the first home in central Ohio built to these "green" guidelines.  
Again the process was verified by an independent third party.  Please take a
moment to view the
actual utility bills for this home.  "Green" does work!  

    Dave Smith
    NAHB Certified Green Professional
    President, O S Homes, Inc.
    1825 Hannah Farms Ct
    Blacklick Oh 43004
Central Ohio's Green Building Leader
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