Blending the Art and Science of Building
What is "Green" building?

This is a hard question to answer.  However, there are some
building programs the attempt to define "green" building.  The two
most popular national programs are NAHB and LEED.

These programs do a fair job defining "green" building and are
positioned to evolve over time.  Both programs are points based
systems that award points for doing different things to the home.  
The programs provide many options for achieving a "green" home.  
We have the experience to help homeowners select options that
will achieve the home owners "green" goal.

We were the first builder in Central Ohio to build a home certified to
the NAHB Green Building Guidelines.  The web page for this home
here), provides a good overview of the NAHB program.  Also,
contrary to popular beleive, "green" homes do not have to
expensive.  Look at our